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Support for your Wellness and Healing Journeys

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Maintain Healthy Armpits and Manage Odor Naturally with our Underarm Collection

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Refreshing, Light, all over Body Deodorant that keeps armpits healthy

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Keep your Natural Deodorant Journey in Check with Deep Detox

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Our new Summer Grapefruit box is just what your pits need!

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Return Armpits back to health with Replenish

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Who We Are

Saige + Ivy is a personal care, wellness brand that focuses on the supporting women on their wellness journeys. Our flagship products are products formulated to help women transition to using a natural deodorant. Many women are either switching to non-toxic options for deodorant and in return getting burnt literally, or hoping to restore the health of their armpits after years of anti-perspirant use. Our products restore the health to underarms and make that transition easier and more predictable. We plan to continue to create and release products that motivate and support women on their journey's to their best self.

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