5 reasons to use a natural Body Powder this Summer



Body Powder?? You mean that stuff I used to use back, BACK in the day before it got a bad rap or the stuff, I smother all over my baby’s bottom?

Well, yes and no.

You see the body powder you use probably had talc, even the ones we used on our precious baby’s skin. Talc is a natural mineral that has been found to contain harmful asbestos which is sited for being carcinogenic to humans. Popular brands that contain Talc has recently been under fire for being linked to ovarian cancer. One popular brand is even under a lawsuit of millions for women who have reported to have faced issues even cancer because of the use of body powder containing Talc. Nowadays you can find many natural, safe versions of body powder, even in our shop. In case you need a reminder, here are 5 reasons a Body powder is a very useful purchase and especially in this Summer heat!

It can help keep you dry.

It’s been a hot summer here in NC, and if it hasn’t been hot where you are, I’m sure it’s been an active one. If we are not running the kids around, we are attending festivals, events, cookouts and more. Body powder can help keep you dry in the places it matters most! Underarms, stomach, back, even your crotch! Have fun this summer and worry less about unsightly wet marks everywhere. It’s my go-to for gym days. Even with a hard workout, you would never really know it!

It can help fight body odor.       

Heat and movement can mean body odor without proper protection. Of course, with our deodorants that is not an issue. The same with our body powders, they have antibacterial properties which help to fight body odor. Our aromatic option Herbal breeze more so because it features odor-fighting essential oils, but our unscented works for body odor too. It can be sprinkled anywhere for moisture and odor protection. It's safe!

Prevents skin chafing

Thick thighs and a little extra fluff like myself? We know how it feels when we are feeling cute and wearing our favorite dresses or shorts and the skin starts to rub together. That crap hurts! Body powder can help with preventing the friction from our thighs loving on one another. Let your skin kiss in peace this summer. We got you.

It's super refreshing.

Ever just need to feel refreshed and exhilarated? Our body powder has you covered. The aromatic essential oils we use in Herbal breeze will have you feeling all types of good with the cooling effect it gives to the skin!

Keep your baby’s bottom dry and clean

Our Unscented body powder is a great component to diaper time. It's safe, fights odor and will keep your baby’s skin soft and clear of the yuckies.

So yes, body powder is back in style and its better than ever! Give our formula a try and let us know what you think!

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