Ginger Root for heart health, Acne, Anti- Aging and Mood Boosting? Yes!


Ginger is one of those timeless herbs that continues to make its rounds in the wellness community. As soon as we forget about Ginger is pops back up reminding us of its amazing benefits. Ginger is a root well actually a rhizome that originates in Southeast Asia. Its medicinal properties have made it a household staple in Asia and surrounding countries. Now it’s making its way into our lives now and we cannot get enough!  There are many reasons to appreciate ginger but we are going highlight only a few.

Heart Health and Cholesterol

Studies have shown that regular consumption of ginger is good for the heart because of the nutrients and antioxidants packed inside of the root. It could possibly be a natural preventative measure to heart disease, and blood clotting. It has also been revealed to help lower cholesterol. Ginger has been included in Ayurveda medicine for centuries to help treat cardiovascular issues so why not use it as a preventative measure on yourself?

To reap the benefits of Ginger for heart health try these ideas. Juicing is a quick way to get your nutrients from ginger. Try this juicing blend: Grated ginger, carrots, oranges, lemon, and celery. It’s amazing! Or try tea. Make a hot ginger tea which is just boiling water and pouring over grated ginger and drinking regularly.

Acne & Anti- Aging

Ginger is taking off in the beauty community as a supplement for radiant, glowing skin. It makes sense too, as it is the cousin of turmeric which we know helps with relieving dull skin, hyperpigmentation and much more! Ginger, as we mentioned above, is very rich in antioxidants, because of the that has the power to fight free radicals that can cause the skin to look more aged. Ginger can also help with acne or breakouts by consuming it and applying to your skin. Its antibacterial and antiviral profile makes it a very efficient treatment for pimples. It fights inflammation and has over 20 chemicals in it that help relieve irritation and pain. Its vitamin C content can also help reduce acne scarring and it brings blood flow to the skin which is essential of a youthful look. All and all its a winner.

To reap the benefits of beautiful skin with ginger, try adding ginger to your infused water blend, Ginger, lemon, and pineapple is a good infusion. Or try our very own detox mask which features powdered ginger as a key ingredient for detoxing and clearing the skin.

Mood and Brain Booster

Gingers spicy yet sweet aroma can uplift your mood and energize you. It has been studied that ginger increases dopamine and serotonin which are both pivotal in creating a happy mood. Also, because studies are now beginning to reveal that inflammation is a cause for depression, ginger helps relieve depression because of it being an anti-inflammatory. Ginger can also keep you sharp mentally, therefore ginger is being used to treat Alzheimer’s as well as help with memory, and focus.

Reap the benefits of Ginger for mood by using products with Ginger in them such as soap bars, body washes, moisturizers, etc. Also diffusing ginger essential oil is a great way to start or end your day.

Ginger should be kept in the household and implemented many ways to maintain and build ultimate wellness. I have some ginger in my freezer right now that I just juiced and will be adding to my water in a few.

It’s a staple in my household and hopefully will become one in yours too if not already. How do you love to use ginger in your wellness routine?








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