Natural Cold and Flu Prevention for you and Your family This Season


The dreaded Flu season is here, and it may seem like getting sick is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of natural ways to prevent illness for you and your loved ones. You can literally turn your home into an anti-sickness oasis and here is how.

Eat Immune Boosting Veggies, Fruits and Meats

Making sure you take on a diet that is mostly antioxidant-rich is a great prevention method. Make sure that a lot of your diet includes zinc as zinc has been studied to literally knock out symptoms of the cold and flu and possibly decrease the duration by 50%! Vitamin C is great for immune defense as well. Juicing or preparing a smoothie in the morning rich in oranges is a great measure to take. Lower your intake of processed foods if you can avoid them all together that is even better but being realistic just lowering your intake is great too.  Here are some foods and herbs to add to your pantry, fridge, and tea this season.






Wild Salmon






Fermented food


Up your Fluid Intake!

That’s right, staying hydrated will be the most common phrase you hear on your wellness journey because it is so important to overall wellness and health. Focusing on liquids such as broth ( not high in sodium)  water and tea will set you on the right path. Adding pungent foods and herbs to your liquids boost the antioxidant levels and make it even more helpful. Think onions, garlic, and cayenne in your broth. Ginger and cinnamon in your tea and so forth!

Utilize Essential oils

I never wanted to become “That essential oil lady” but hey, here I am. Diffusing, applying (diluted of course) sniffing, and cleaning with essential oils will make your home safe haven that keeps the buggies out and the good stuff in. Consider tossing out your hand sanitizer and just using a few drops of Lavender oil instead because it can be used undiluted, upping your sanitizer by adding lavender oil and a carrier oil of your choice. This will work far better than just your basic store brought sanitizer. Going to mop the floor or wipe down the counters? Add in some drops of tea tree and lemon so the scent can permeate the home, they also help with disinfecting. Diffusing antibacterial and immune-boosting essential oils during the day is a great preventative measure. And of course, just keeping your favorite immune-boosting essential oil on you and sniffing it throughout the day works like a charm too. Here are some essential oils to consider:

Tea Tree









Move Your Body

It's cold outside so naturally, we want to stay in and that’s fine but moving your body will help to keep bugs from being able to attack you. Just a brisk walk is enough or a 30-minute routine in your living room off YouTube. Whatever you need to do to just get some movement in. Inflammation is linked directly to illness and exercise helps to alter the levels of inflammation in the body. Shoot for two hours a week at least and if you can do more that’s even better! Do you have any tips you could offer someone this season?





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