The Benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar on your Health and Wellness Journey



Apple cider vinegar is one of those products we always see in our mothers or grandmother’s pantry but never quite knew what it's used for. We hear about ACV all the time but what does it really do and how can it help you improve your health and wellbeing? Well let's discuss this, shall we?

Apple Cider Vinegar is basically fermented apple juice. Yeast is used to forming the fermented apples into vinegar. Kind of like alcohol, but it's fermented twice to turn into vinegar. Research shows that Acv has been used for centuries for all kinds of ailments and health benefits. Our culture is really just getting hip to the benefits of opting for natural remedies instead of running to our pill cabinet. ACV has many uses and should be a staple in your household. Here are a few.

Odor Elimination

I just had to mention this one first because most of you know that we use Acv in our deodorants. Its antibacterial properties and fermented state make it amazing at getting rid of strong odors. Use it to get rid of pet urine out of a carpet, or de-funk a trashcan, toilet, or anywhere that needs to be refreshed. The smell of apple cider vinegar will eventually fade away and you will be left with no odor! Give it a try!

Weight Loss and Gut Health

Now, I’m no doctor but I’ve tried this one myself and it worked. Along with a workout regimen and mindful eating I was able to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. So, the way it works is that Acv produces acid production in your stomach which further helps to digest your food properly. Acv also contains a small number of probiotics which is just good for overall gut health. Gut health plus proper digestion leads to less bloating, less heartburn and potentially weight loss. Use it in your salads, or just simply drink some in an 8oz glass of water. 1 or 2 tablespoons will do.

Can kill Certain Bacteria

I mentioned already that Acv is antibacterial and that is one reason we use it in our deodorants, but Acv can also be used to treat wounds and get rid of certain fungi. It's so good at killing certain bacteria that it is used as a preservative for food. It works well against E. coli.  Soaking your feet in an Acv solution can treat and cure foot fungi. If you would like a natural and gentle surface cleaner; mixing Acv with water and some essential oils like tea tree and lemon would be a great option.

Vagina Health

This one is a bit controversial, but I can attest to the benefits because of my own personal experiences. I have cured a yeast infection with Acv and if you know the properties of Acv it makes sense. Acv helps to restore the Ph balance of our vagina, it also aids against itching and odor because of its antibacterial properties. Many companies have created vaginal soaps using Acv and people are getting real and very beneficial results. If you ever want to try Acv for yeast infections or BV, soak a cloth in a solution of 1 part ACV and 1 part water and apply to the infected area. Do these 3 times a day until you start to notice a difference. You can also do this to maintain the health of your vagina.

Skin Health

You may have noticed that there are many new toners and face washes coming out that include Acv. This is for good reason. Acv does contain probiotics that are good for balancing your skin health. It a great treatment (diluted of course) for acne and oily skin. And because it's an astringent it will tighten and tone skin and pores while also balancing the Ph of the skin. It also lightly exfoliates so it’s great to reveal brighter and smoother skin. This is another reason we use it in our deodorants. You should try it out. My favorite way is to use it as a toner. You can purchase one or make a simple one with 2 parts of water and one-part Acv.

Lower Blood Sugar

t has been researched that Acv can be beneficial for diabetics and really help to lower glucose levels. It is researched and said to improve insulin sensitivity. Having some after a meal is said to help lower sugar levels after a meal. Give it a try.
So, there you have it. Acv can be used in many ways to naturally help you with your health and wellness journey. As always do your own research and see the best method to go about utilizing this super ingredient.

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