Three Ways to Brighten Dark Underarms


Chances are if you have used antiperspirant in your life for a long amount of time you have fell victim to dark underarms. One minute you are swiping some deodorant under your arms and then one day you notice how discolored your underarms are compared to your skin.

Look, it happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to be a forever thing. You can lift your arms up in pride and not an embarrassment if you follow these steps.

Chuck the Antiperspirant or Irritating Deodorant

Look, if you are using an antiperspirant, I’m here to tell you, sis, that is the number one culprit. Throw. It. AWAY. It’s horrible for you anyway. The harmful ingredients in antiperspirant is another blog for another day, but right now I’ll just say; those ingredients were never meant to be on our bodies and leave it at that.

Now if you are using a natural deodorant and notice that it is causing you irritation you should stop using it. You are likely sensitive to an ingredient in it (most likely baking soda). If you continue to use this deodorant even though you are experiencing irritation to it, you can form a rash which can lead to discoloring your skin. It’s not worth it. Believe there is a deodorant out there for you that you don’t have to hurt yourself to wear. Give one of ours a try, it can help to brighten your skin over time because it is a very mild exfoliate and will gently remove dead skin.

Start Exfoliating your Pits

Yep, that’s right. Scrub. Yo. Pits.

How else do you expect to get rid of that thick, layer of dark skin? That skin has been overused and overworked which has caused it to produce hyperpigmentation. It’s time to exfoliate that tired skin right on out the way to make room for some fresh, vibrant skin that can breathe! Exfoliate with our scrub, Replenish and watch the magic happen (over time of course). We don’t promise any overnight results. What we can promise is if you consistently exfoliate three times a week you can see a difference by the end of that second week. Good, natural, safe results.

Wax Instead of Shave

If you shave you leave the bulb of the hair intact which creates a slightly dark cast on the underarms. But if you wax you remove the entire hair which gives the underarm a more even-toned look. Waxing is also great for keeping ingrown hairs away. This one is self-explanatory. Waxing is just better for this reason.

Ok, this is three natural things you can do to brighten your underarms. Don’t complicate it y'all this is simple. Don’t go buying a skin lightening soap or cream unless its all natural (please don’t get me started). Just do the work and you will see results, I promise.


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