What is Underarm Scrub and How Do You Use it?



An underarm scrub or our Replenish scrub is an exfoliating scrub formulated to remove film and excess build-up or debris, dirt and odor from the skin. An underarm scrub can also help support the lymphatic system found under the arms because of the massaging helping to support lymph flow. The essential oils used in underarm scrub can also help support healthy lymphatic flow.

Someone who might find an underarm scrub useful would be someone experiencing issues such as these:

Antiperspirant build-up

An extreme odor that that doesn’t go away after washing

Ingrown hairs

Rough skin

Hyperpigmented skin

After consistently using an underarm scrub in your regimen you may find that you experience less underarm odor, your skin softens and brightens, you experience less ingrown hairs, and notice healthy underarms overall. We offer our scrub called Replenish which comes in four different varieties. Original, Lemongrass, Teatree, and Lavender.

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