What to Expect from the Transitioning Phase and How to Survive it!



So, you got your natural deodorant and Stay fresh kit and you are wondering, now what? Don’t worry transitioning doesn’t have to be scary. I know you have heard many horror stories but its all a matter of perspective, and if you know what to expect and prepare you will be just fine. The saying, “if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready” reigns true for this process. There are just a few things to be on the lookout for. And if you are lucky you may not experience these at all. Everyone doesn’t have an intense transitioning phase. ‘

An Increase in Sweat.

It’s likely you will experience an increase in sweat because the skin is becoming unblocked from aluminum. With the skin being able to breathe again the flood gates may open as your underarms adjust to sweat flowing freely again. Many individuals experience an increase in sweat as their underarms get regulated to the new norm.

An Increase in Odor

Of course, if you are sweating more, more odor could occur. More odor also occurs because of what is coming out with the sweat that is being mixed with the bacteria on the skin.

Possible Irritation or Sensitivity

It is possible to experience skin irritation or sensitivity as you underarms get rid of all the yuckies and toxins that have been sitting on the skin or beneath the surface of the skin.

Now that you know what to expect, let's talk about how to get through it like a soldier!

  • Find a good antibacterial soap and wash those pits with it every day!

  • Exfoliate with our underarm scrub at least 3 – 4 times a week

  • Detox with our underarm mask until you smell a difference!

  • Get comfortable with carrying your natural deodorant around with you so you can reapply when needed.

  • Find some antibacterial wipes and wipe your underarms before you reapply your deodorant.

  • If sweat bothers you, find a talc-free natural body powder that you can apply to your most sweat-prone areas

A typical detox phase is usually up to a full month, but everyone’s body is different so be prepared in case your transitioning phase is longer. I have heard of peoples lasting for up to 3 months. The important thing to remember is to give your body time to adjust to its new norm before you switch from deodorant to deodorant thinking it’s not working.

That’s it. You know what to expect. You know how to survive, now go out and be great!  Stay fresh, crew!

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  • Elle

    Can you please provide examples of antibacterial soaps (cetaphil, hibiclens, dial) that you recommend + work well with Saige + Ivy products?

    Additionally, can you talk more about the mental health implications of the transitioning phase? I’ve attempted going to natural deodorant twice now but the sweat and body odor have been so bad for me that it has affected my work and social life (the smell is so unpleasant) and I end up quitting.

    I feel like people think I stink when I’m transitioning but don’t say anything – I read body language (rubbing nose, etc.) and I don’t feel like giving psa’s that I’m detoxing in the corporate space I work in or when going out / meeting people, etc. so I end up quitting. Please consider addressing in a blog post! Thank you & keep up the amazing work :)

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