Why Detoxing your Underarms is Absolutely Necessary and How to do it.




These days it seems like detoxing your underarms is the newest fad, but I am here to tell you that it is very necessary and beneficial.  Once you learn how it can help you, I assure you it will be something you put into practice for the rest of your lifetime!


There are really two main reasons that detoxing your armpits is necessary. The first reason is to combat the years of antiperspirant use. Think of detoxing as a reset button. When you decide to make the switch from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant you want to reset your armpits to help your deodorant work, well as well as repair the skin and remove any harmful substances that have collected on the skin over the years.


Aluminum for one is an ingredient found in antiperspirants that you want to make sure your skin is rid of. Aluminum clogs the pores and stops your underarms from sweating thus preventing the removal of toxins. Proper detoxing will allow your underarms to breath again and most importantly sweat.


Parabens found in antiperspirants are another ingredient you want to clear your skin of. Studies have shown that parabens mimic estrogen, thus disrupting the hormones in our body. This can lead to breast cancer and reproductive issues.  These ingredients will not just clear themselves you should detox the skin to remove them.


The second reason is that the function that is present directly under the skin of your underarms needs care to perform at its best. That’s the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes work to carry fluid to parts of your body which keep the immune system healthy and working. If the fluid is not moving or the circulation of the skin is weak then your lymph nodes will not perform as they should. Most importantly, if you are applying products to the armpits that are toxic you are inhibiting your health and your immune system. Most underarm issues can be cured from detoxing the underarms regularly.


You can start by detoxing your underarms with our products. The Stay Fresh transition kit has everything you need. Our deodorant detoxes with every use with its unique formula of apple cider vinegar and lymphatic supporting essential oils. Our underarm scrub is great because it detoxes by removing the dead layers of skin and bringing forth new healthier skin as well as softening and brightening the skin. And finally, our mask is amazing for sucking the toxins and impurities right out of the skin. All our products also help you to smell better in the long run.


You can make detoxing your underarms an effortless and regular part of your routine with our products!



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