Why We Love Geranium Oil and You Should Too

Since I started Saige & Ivy there is one essential oil that I have grown to love the most. That is geranium essential oil. When learning about this flower while looking to make a floral deodorant I realized that its abilities far outweigh its wonderful floral smell.

Geranium oil comes from the Geranium plant and is steam distilled from the leaves and stems of the plant. Geranium oil usage is said to go back thousands of years being used regularly by ancient Egyptians. This oil has a scent that is like that of the rose but a bit sweeter. Besides the smell Geranium is ultra-deodorizing. It really dispels bad odors and because it is a circulatory oil it will exit your pores when you sweat! We had to include it in our deodorant for this reason! I mean come on, who doesn’t want to sweat and smell like flowers?

Another amazing property of this oil is that it can balance hormones. Learning this information made it a no-brainer for me to include it in our deodorant formula seeing that sweat and odor production can be linked to an imbalance in hormones. It also helps with PMS symptoms and all other symptoms that may come with from an imbalance of hormones. I always recommend our Flourish deodorant that contains Geranium to women who are experiencing pre or post-menopausal symptoms.

My absolute favorite property of Geranium oil though is its skincare benefits. This oil really helps to impart a healthiness to the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which helps with acne and treating wounds on the skin. It is superior in treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Continual use of Geranium oil will keep your skin toned, supple, and vibrant.

We included it in Replenish Underarm Scrub for this reason as well as its deodorizing ability. I have been using our Replenish scrub as my face scrub for a while now and following up with Flourish deodorant spray as my toner and let me tell you, my skin is loving me for it! I’m even considering creating a Geranium inspired face bar because I love it for skin so much.

What do you all think about Geranium? Are you loving it in our Flourish deodorant spray?

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