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Why We Love Geranium Oil and You Should Too

Since I started Saige & Ivy there is one essential oil that I have grown to love the most. That is geranium essential oil. When learning about this flower while looking to make a floral deodorant I realized that its abilities far outweigh its wonderful floral smell. Geranium oil comes from the Geranium plant and is steam distilled from the leaves and stems of the plant. Geranium oil usage is said to go back thousands of years being used regularly by ancient Egyptians. This oil has a scent that is like that of the rose but a bit sweeter. Besides the smell Geranium is ultra-deodorizing. It really dispels bad odors and because it is a circulatory oil it will exit...

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Why Lemongrass Should be Added to your Health and Wellness Routine

  Lemongrass is one of those essential oils that gets swept under the rug in my opinion. You hear about Lavender, tea tree, Jasmine etc., but how about an essential oil that can relieve anxiety, halt pain, detox you internally and externally, tighten pores, and can fight all kinds infections and bacteria’s? This is lemongrass! It’s a powerhouse ingredient that should get more acknowledgment. Lemongrass is native to regions like India, Indonesia, China, and South America. It is commonly known for it's sweet and less tart, lemon-like smell and its addition to many Thai foods and cuisine. The are many benefits of consuming lemongrass. Lemongrass can be very detoxing and act as a diuretic. This is because it causes you...

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Is Aluminum in My Deodorant a Real Cause for Concern?

You have probably been hearing a lot of talk about aluminum lately. It’s been trending ever since the go green movement really took off a few years back. I know if you are reading this then you have heard or read many times to stay away from aluminum. But why?  Is there a real cause for concern with aluminum being in your deodorant and other products?

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