Will your deodorant help me prevent sweating?

Well, the quick answer is: No, our deodorant will not stop you from sweating. The long answer is, we don’t want you to not sweat! Sweating is your body’s natural detox system and without sweating harmful toxins would stay inside of your body, so sweating is very healthy, necessary and natural. We make sure that your sweat does not stink. Our deodorant eliminates the accumulation of stinky bacteria, so you stay fresh all day. So embrace your sweat and smell great!

Does your deodorant actually work?

Yes! We know it’s a lot of hoopla going around about “natural deodorant,” but our formula does work! Our unique blends of essential oils paired with apple cider vinegar work overtime to make sure you stay fresh while simultaneously detoxing your underarms. These ingredients have powerful antibacterial properties that eliminate stinky bacteria under your arms. Also, because it comes in a convenient spray bottle you can spray it on at your convenience anytime!

How do I apply it?

For best use of our deodorant, you should spray it on after you shower or bath and allow your underarms to dry and be on your way! You can also carry our spray with you and use it to refresh during the day.

How long will one bottle last me?

One bottle should last about 10 weeks depending on how often you use it. With more substantial use your bottle may last 8 - 9 weeks.

Is your product really all natural?

Yes, it is! We use no aluminum, parabens, preservatives or any other chemicals. Our ingredients are 100% natural and naturally sourced.

Will it stain my clothes?

No, our formula will not leave any stains or residue. Make sure to allow your underarms to dry before getting dressed.

Will your deodorant work for my sensitive skin?

Unless you have a sensitivity to essential oils are deodorant works well with even the most sensitive of skins.

If I am not happy with my order do you accept returns or exchanges?

Yep! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and honor returns and exchanges for orders placed on our website within a 20 day period. All we ask is that you return the bottle & we’ll take care of you! For purchases made through other retailers, you must contact them directly.

When will I receive my order?

We ship with USPS so it typically takes 7-10 business days depending on your location. We also send out a tracking number with your order. If you have not received your tracking number or package in 5 business days be sure to contact us.

What is the shelf life of your deodorant?

The shelf life of our deodorants is about 6-7 months.