Meet the Owner


Hi, I'm Brittney Oliver, blendmaster and founder of Saige + Ivy. I’m an engaged mommy of 2 beautiful children from Leland, N.C. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Through my studies, I began to learn about the health and the therapeutic healing powers of essential oils and other natural products.  

After the birth of my first child, Saige Ivy, I began a deeper exploration of natural products. I realized that the chemicals in the deodorizing products I was using at the time had harmful effects on my skin. And as members of my family began suffering from physical ailments, I started learning about the science of organic and natural healing. I became engrossed in the knowledge and began my journey towards a more nutritional, spiritual and healthy lifestyle. I wanted to share my brainchild, Saige + Ivy, with the world in an effort to increase freshness and reduce illnesses. 

I’m a quirky, wellness-loving mama and a lover at heart. I enjoy reading, trips to the farmer's market, coffee, tea and all things related to bath and body care. Family and health — both mental and physical  — are important to me. My goal is to spread healing energy to others that will ultimately refine their body and soul.